Request a Veterinary Ophthalmology Continuing Education Presentation

At True North Veterinary Eye Care, we are passionate about Veterinary Ophthalmology and our role within the veterinary community! Part of our passion is sharing our knowledge with the veterinary community in Manitoba. Thus, we are happy to present continuing education opportunities that can be tailored for DVMs, veterinary technicians, or the whole team. At present, we are offering these presentations within Winnipeg. Below is a list of some of the topics/CE that we have available.

Each presentation is about 45-50 mins in length (enough time to do over a lunch hour or following a staff meeting). In addition to an informative presentation, we are also happy to bring dessert or coffee/donuts!

  1. Getting the Most out of Your Ocular Exam
  2. All the Colors of the Rainbow – Formulating Differential Diagnoses Based on Color
  3. Neo/Poly/Dex and Beyond: What Ophthalmology Essentials to Stock in Your Pharmacy
  4. Are Dogs from Venus and Cats from Mars? An Overview of Common Feline Ocular Diseases (FHV-1 Emphasis)
  5. The Windshield of the Eye: Corneal Disease in Dogs
  6. Putting Some Fun Back in Fundus: A Review of the Fundic Exam and of the Approach to Acute Blindness
  7. Ocular 9-1-1: Houston We have an Ocular Emergency

The best days to schedule these are on a Tuesday or Friday. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to meeting you!

Please click the “Request a CE” link below to send us a CE request.