Frequently Asked Questions

What are your payment options?

For further fees, we accept credit card, E-transfer or cash. We unfortunately do not accept cheques as a method of payment.

What types of pets do you see?

We see primarily dogs and cats. However, we are also happy to see exotics and horses. Equine availability is limited and must be scheduled in advance – please get in touch with us to arrange an appointment.

What happens if my pet has an eye problem outside of regular office hours?

If TNVEC is closed, please bring your pet in to see your primary care veterinarian to stabilize them until we can examine them. We ensure to send your pet’s visit summary to your primary care veterinarian following each visit, so your primary care veterinarian should be up to date on your pet’s eyes. Alternatively, if your primary care veterinarian is also unavailable, please seek care through an emergency clinic if your pet’s condition is urgent. If your pet’s eyes were examined by another veterinarian, please have records sent to TNVEC. Please also send an email to or leave a message at 431-932-TRUE if you wish for us to see your pet. We will contact you during our next business day and make our best efforts to see your pet as soon as possible.

What is included in the New Patient Exam and Recheck Exam fee?

The price of these exams includes basic diagnostic testing (tear test, pressure test, fluorescein stain) as well as examination using a slit lamp biomicroscope and indirect ophthalmoscopy.

Additional tests (i.e., Electroretinogram, etc.) and procedures or surgery will incur additional costs. Estimates for additional diagnostics and/or procedures or surgeries can be provided after our veterinary ophthalmologist has examined your pet’s eyes.